Update July: Charming is in foster care.  If you are interested in meeting him ask at the front desk at the Fairbanks animal shelter.

Update April:  Darn.  Charming is back at the shelter.  Poor boy is just skin and bones.  He lost a lot of weight while at his new home.  So hopefully the shelter can get his weight back up and he can find his true forever home.  He is a sweet guy that is being kept inside the shelter right now.  He is pining for a forever home that will take care of him with love.

Update February 1: Charming got adopted.  Hoping he gets to run and play and enjoy his new life.

Update January 12th: Well, Charmings bloodwork came back and all looks fine.  So likely a straw allergy.  He has been moved inside at the shelter and is keeping his kennel clean (except for his love of spreading his kibble around).

Update January 9th: Charming is on medical hold until his blood work comes back.  With his reddish fur the shelter wants to make sure that it is a minor problem.  So once all the medical reports come back I will post the outcome.

Update January 7, 2014: Charming Charming Charming…what a great dog.  He ran in a 5 dog team today.  He had never been in harness and after the initial goofiness of not knowing what he was doing-the second he felt that pull he was off like a shot and never let up.  We did 3 miles and he was hard on the line the whole time.  He would love a smaller family so he can get lots of attention and love.  He gets along with other dogs (although you should be careful around food!) and is friendly with people, although not over the top crazy.  He loves running in the huge yards at the shelter and stretching his legs and he comes when you call him.  An overall nice boy.

He does have some reddish fur where looks like he may be licking.  Could be a straw allergy.  The shelter vet will be checking him out.


Charming is definitely Charming.  With one blue and one brown eye he is handsome to look at and super friendly.  This is a very calm picture of him.  This group of 6 dogs just want someone to take them home, exercise them a lot and give them lots of pats.  He is on house N.Charming