This is a courtesy post.  Katla (once known as SnowWhite) was adopted from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter last year.  She is the sister to Charming who is now back at the shelter.  Katla is a wonderful, sweet dog.  She loves long walks, hiking in the snow and being with her people.  She is unusual as a husky as she never runs off and free runs with her family (although this took awhile and she would often play keep away…so you shouldn’t expect her to do this until you gain her absolute trust).  Her owners hate the thought of finding a new home for her BUT….Katla is terrified of children.  They have a son and Katla has never interacted with him.  Quite the opposite.  Whenever she even sees him she runs upstairs and hides in the bedroom.  Her family has decided that this is just not a good life for such a sweet dog.  So they are looking for a home without any children.  If you love huskies and you want a dog that can free run with you and rarely leave your side (after you gain her trust) then feel free to contact the owners.  They are going to be very selective as to where she goes.  you can call them at 479-9702.