Update: Oct. 5th.  Ella has been adopted into a skijoring home!

I will get a better picture of Ella soon.  She is a 7 year old husky pointer mix and comes from a high end sprint racing kennel.  The original owner states that she was one of her main dogs in a 10 dog team, winning lots of races.  The original owner sold her and she ran in the Fur Rondy in Anchorage.  Why she is at the shelter is anyone’s guess.  She is dominant with other female dogs (but she is also probably not spayed so this might help a lot) although she plays well with the female Abiq at the shelter.  She is a driven dog that is all business in a team.  She would make a wonderful pet and probably a great skijor dog.  She would love to live in the house and be your fun and active companion.

I’m not sure why the original owner doesn’t want her back but sends high praises for her.