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Update: May 14th.  This little boy has a lot of names! Since he can’t hear us, it really doesn’t matter what we call him except to us.  I have called him Chief Lambikins (he minds me of a baby lamb or a baby goat!!) but Gummy Bear seems to be the name most used.  Or “PUPPY”….he can kind of hear if we say that really LOUDLY.  I never thought he would live this long.  But he is still eating 3 meals a day, having great stools (even though he really doesn’t know when he wants to go and we have found it a lot of different places downstairs) and at times has these manic spells that he dashes around crazily that makes us laugh.  But he is best at sleeping.  He sleeps so soundly that often I have wondered if he is still alive when I go to get him up….He is a doll and is not available for adoption at this point.  He is up to 40 pounds.  His coat never has grown back.  Interesting…..not sure why.

Pics of the newest boy that was brought into the Second Chance League.  He was found roaming on Chena Hot Springs Road weeks ago.  He was already neutered and had been shaved from his neck on down.  But no one picked up this petite older dog. His teeth were terrible so the Shelter Fund paid for his initial care and tooth extractions (thank you Ronnie!).  No one was really looking at him because of his age.  They figure he is 14 years old!!  But still spry although totally deaf.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him spending a lot of his remaining time left on earth in the shelter so SCL pulled him into foster care and Don and I brought him home.  He is meeting the other dogs slowly and will be living in the house as soon as everyone meets him.  Right now he is in the heated dog barn with a couple of our other dogs that don’t really like being in the house with 13 other dogs.  We will probably change his name although he can’t hear us.  He needs some good nutrition as he is very thin and right now weighs less than 30 pounds.  He is a tiny boy.

It seems that he understood riding in a car and after I put him in the back seat he jumped into the front seat and gave me little kisses on my cheek.  I think he is grateful to be out of the shelter.

I thank the shelter staff for taking care of him and seeing to his medical needs.  Hopefully he will have some good years left.