Update March 9:  Wego has been adopted.  Sure hope he went to a fun and active home.  A nice boy!

Not the best picture of Wego, but here he is.  I’ll try to get one of him outside.  He is a pointer/husky mix that is very very active.  He has been a sled dog and a skijor dog but wasn’t getting along in his first home.  He has no dew claws.  His activity levels are very high.  He definitely needs someone who loves to run, skijor, bike or hike.  He also loves to play ball. This dog would make a great and devoted companion for someone who loves the outdoors and wants a dog to do everything with them.  He can be a bit barky and at the shelter he will tear up blankets because he is so bored in that situation.  He has been at the shelter for some time now and waiting for that high energy person to come and get him.