Update: April 20.  Levi is back at the shelter.  I guess expectations for him being able to run off leash in the first few days of a new home, were too high and he is back at the shelter.  He is such a great dog.  Just needs that special home where he can possibly do agility and bond with his new owners.

Update: April 15:  Levi has been adopted!!  I’ve heard that the people seem great and understand his need for exercise and his love of high jumping.  Hope it works out for him.

Levi is a LONG legged pointer mix that has been at the shelter many times.  He really needs a home that understands this breed and can give him a LOT of exercise.  This boy loves to go go go.  He is adept at jumping high fences. Do you skijor?  Ride bikes?  Like to hike for long hours?  Want a companion that will love going out with you?  Check out Levi!  He is already neutered.