IMG_7761 Remy

Update Sept. 10.  Remy is still very shy.  But oh, what an active boy when people aren’t around!!  He really would love to run run run.  He isn’t a mean boy at all…just shy and reserved.  He needs that special person to bring him out of his shell.


I just didn’t get a good picture of Remy.  He is very sweet but didn’t stand still for me to take a picture.  When we run him I’ll get a better picture.  Remy came from far out the Elliott Highway with his friend Elliot.  Remy has already been through surgery.  He was a bag of bones when first brought it but it was discovered that he had eaten a sweatshirt!!  So he went through stomach and gastric surgery and is on the road to recovery and weight gain.   He is a super sweet boy that would love a pet/working home.  He is inside at the shelter to continue his recovery.