Update November:  Chaya and Kanuti have been adopted into the same home!  Happy day for these dogs!

Update: July 2: Chaya continues to blossom.  She now has new fencing and is enjoying more freedom in her every day life.  She would love to find a family with older children to love, skijor with and be a house companion.

Update: May 10th.  Chaya is doing GREAT in her new home.  She has really come around and loves people and playing.  She really enjoys being in the house and would make a great pet/skijor dog or dog for a young musher who would like to run on a sled in the winter but have a home where Chaya can be part of the family.

Update: April 25th.  Her new name is now Chaya.  Her kennel mate Clyde is now Kanuti.  

Chaya is a ham.  She loves being in the house at her foster person’s abode.  She does “surf” counters though but she loves to explore.  Just today, the foster person put her 3 dogs AND Chaya and Kanuti together in a huge fenced in yard at her house.  WOW…..she was so excited to see them play.  She had taken walks with all of them so they got used to being in close proximity but she had no idea that they would get along as well as they do.  One of her females and Chaya even curl up in a dog house together.  They are coming out of the shells very very quickly.  They pull hard on a leash and the foster thinks they have been in harness.  These pups would make a great skijor pair, or possibly by themselves.  They love to be out front on their walks.  We are looking for a home where they can do some “work” but be part of a household.  These dogs are great off of chains and are even learning to stick close while out on walks.

Update:  ChinChin has been pulled into The Second Chance League.  She will be in foster care.  If you are interested please email me through this site or through SCL.

ChinChin is 2 years old and came in with Clyde. She was emaciated and probably close to deaths door this winter when animal control rescued her along with Clyde.  She is now healthy and ready for a new home.  She is a Siberian mix and a bit aloof, but wags her tail when she sees someone she knows.  She will come around with gentle attention and good exercise.  Such a pretty pair they are, but need an experienced husky owner to bring them out of their shells.  Check out ChinChin and Clyde!!