Update November: Kanuti and Chaya have been adopted into the same home.  I am so happy for them.

A new picture of Kanuti.  Sweet as can be and just wants that forever home that will be loving and kind to him.





Update: July 2nd.  Kanuti has new fencing at his foster home.  More freedom and he is loving it.  He would love a big fenced yard to play in and continue his life.  He is still reserved but would love a family that understands his ways.  He is not a dog that is always coming up to you demanding attention, but loves the quiet, peaceful life.  Although he is fairly mellow, he thrives on exercise and would love to be your skijor pal.

Update: May 10th.  Kanuti is blossoming.  Maybe not quite as fast as Chaya.  He IS a bit older. But he is loving his foster home and going on long walks.  He is a bit more shy than Chaya and will take a patient and loving family to keep him on the right path to joy in life.  He loves to pull!

Update: April 25th.  Clyde has a new name and it is Kanuti.  He LOVES squeaky toys but is not possessive of them.  You can read more of his update under ChinChin/Chaya’s post.  But this boy is blossoming under his foster person’s care.  He loves the other dogs in the household and with all 5 dogs loose together there are no altercations.  Kanuti would love a home where he can skijor or mush in a small team, yet live off a chain and have a lot of house time.  Both dogs will make great pets, given enough exercise.  They are pretty mellow in the house.

Update: April 14th.  Clyde and ChinChin have been pulled into The Second Chance League.  Please email if you are interested in either of these dogs.

Clyde and his kennel mate ChinChin were taken from a neglect situation.  Full of hookworms and totally emaciated, both of these dogs have come a long way with great vet care and good food.  Clyde is 5 years old.  He can be a little aloof, but once he gets to know you he loves pets and attention.  He is a siberian mix and will need a good dose of exercise during the day, but he is pretty laid back and would love to curl up at your feet at night.