Update May:  Juliet has been adopted!

Update: March Juliet has been in foster care learning house training and learning to adjust to new things.  She is ready to go!  Such a sweetie.

January 12:  I stopped by the shelter today.  Juliet is the only dog chained outside.  So sad for her.  She was loose in the giant dog yard area and that little girl was running and running.  But then would come right up to me for pets and love.  She has come a long way and would make a great pet for an active person.  She was chasing the pigeons a bit but when one of the volunteers took her inside to see how she was with cats and rabbits she seems fine.  She was touching noses with a rabbit and although she was curious about the cats meowing she didn’t seem prey driven.  I hope someone active falls in love with this little girl.


I LOVE this little girl.  Did I say little?  She is a very petite husky.  Probably 25 pounds.  A tiny thing.  She came into the shelter with 2 puppies that got adopted.  She was spayed and is ready to be your best friend.  She comes across as a bit shy, but once you get to know her, she just wants to play and be someone’s special friend.  When let loose in the fenced in area she comes up to you readily.  She will take a little time to truly bond with you, but in her eyes I bet that won’t take long.

She isn’t housebroken which is how she ended up outside.  Just doesn’t keep her kennel clean.  But with a very consistent routine of eating and drinking I know she would catch on.  She deserves to live in a house.  She is short coated and doesn’t want to live outside as a sled dog!!