Update: Looks like Sally has been adopted again.  Hope it works out for this sweet girl.

Update 1-22-2016: Sally was brought back to the shelter after 10 days in her new home.  I talked to the owner and it just wasn’t the right match.  Sally was supposed to be the 12 year old son’s dog and she is shy and the little boy really wanted a dog to romp and play with.  Sally probably would be that dog one day, but would possibly take months.  The mother loved Sally and Sally was really coming around with her.  But since Sally wasn’t warming up to the son, she is back at the shelter.  She will come around with patience and kindness.  She should probably go to a home with teenagers or no children at all for her to be totally comfortable.  Initially her adoptive home should be a haven of quietness and gentleness.  She walks well on a leash and is curious.  She was sleeping in the woman’s bedroom because she felt very comfortable with her.

I love Sally.  She has a ton of potential to be your best pal, but it will take some time and a quiet household.

Update 1-12-2016: Sally has been adopted!  

Sally is a pointer husky mix.  She is on the shy side but I bet she would come around very quickly to be your best pal and hiking friend.  She doesn’t present that well at the shelter but she is starting to get used to everything going on and is much better than when she first came in.  She is 3 years old and the ex owner says that she does skijor!

I went into her area and sat with her for awhile.  At first she ignored me.  Then I started to scratch under her arms and my oh my…she just loves that.  She started to ask me for more pets as seen from the next picture.  She is a darling girl that would love a warm home where she can live inside yet get the exercise that her breed and temperament desires.