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Update April: Domino has been adopted.  It is a great home and he will be greatly loved.

Update: March 2.  I took Domino skijoring at Creamers fields today.  He did great.  A bit distracted, but he has probably never skijored before and being a single skijor dog is often hard for a team dog.  He has gained 15 pounds since he came into the shelter and he is still very skinny with not a lot of muscle mass.  We only did a little over a mile.  He is out of shape from being in such poor health.  But he has wonderful potential as a skijor dog.  He loves to pull, stayed out front most of the time (a few diversions to sniff something on the trail) and wasn’t afraid of the skis at all although he was a bit skittish with the poles at the start.  I was careful not to wave them around.

He knows all about dog trucks.  Loaded right up.  He is fairly short coated with that pointer in him.  His best home would be a skijor home where he could hike or bike in the summer and live in the house with his family.  He deserves more than to be in a dog yard chained up for half of the year.  He has such a great personality.

March 1: This is Domino.  He came to the shelter in just terrible shape.  Emaciated and full of hookworms, he was lucky he was still alive.  But with good care, de-worming, and eating good food he has come a long way.  He is putting on weight and looking great.  This boy would LOVE an active home.  He is super friendly and outgoing.  He is young, probably only around 2 years old.  He has learned to chase a ball (thanks to a wonderful shelter volunteer working with him) and actually brings it back to you to throw.  He is a high energy boy and his one fault is probably that he jump jump jumps on people all of the time.  He is a smart boy, so this shouldn’t be a problem as long as someone is gentle and consistent with some training.

I’m planning on taking him out skijoring soon because I just have a feeling that he is going to be great.  He wants to be around people so I think he will readily bond with his new owner and be able to hike, bike, ski or any other adventure you can show him.