Update Sept. 10:  Well, the adoption didn’t work out for Shiloh.  Sometimes people get a husky and don’t realize they can’t immediately leave them in the house and go to work.  Not sure why this adoption didn’t work out but hoping that Shiloh can find a great home.  She had come such a long way at the shelter with socialization and being inside.  She is a sweet girl that would love a home where she can skijor, run or go biking with her new family.  She will need some time before you could just let her off the leash.  But this sweet girl will reward you many times over as she blossoms in a new home.

Update: Sept. 7th.  Shiloh has been adopted.  We hope she has found a great home.  She came a long way at the shelter with help from a special shelter volunteer.

Shiloh has been at the shelter for a LONG time.  She is shy but approachable.  She is a sweet girl that is ready for adoption.  She will need a gentle hand to bring her out of her shell.

She is outside on house F.