MJ is a husky mix out of Barrow!  A litter was brought into Fairbanks and MJ was adopted by a great family when she was 6 months old.  BUT….MJ, being the husky mix that she is, has a ton of energy.  Even after a hike around Granite Tors trail (15 miles!) the girl still wants to go go go. She can jump a 4 foot fence. The family feels that she needs to find a home where she can get consistent exercise and work every day.  They have many glowing things to say about MJ.  She gets along great with cats (they have 11 of them! but will chase after squirrels and rabbits and small critters like hamsters) and she is good with other dogs once she gets to know them.  She knows commands like “sit” and “lay down”.

This girl just needs a job.  Are you a runner?  A skijorer?  Someone that goes for a hike every day?  MJ might be the dog for you!  Although she has never been skijoring, I bet she would love it.

MJ has always been a pet and lived in a house.  So please, no chained dog yards for her.  She is also quite short coated so would not do well outside at 30 below in a dog house.  She is housebroken and kennel trained.

Her birthday is April 1, 2013.  She loves to run alongside a 4 wheeler or a bike and never runs off if she is keeping up with you.  If you are walking, she might take off after a squirrel but always comes back.  She LOVES to go for car rides.

If you are interested in meeting MJ please email: Jen_rob06@hotmail.com