Sanders is a 1.5 year old pointer mix.  Here is what the owner says about him:

“Meet Sanders. He is 1.5 years old. We started training with him this season on a sprint team. We noticed he had difficulty keeping up with our team and had a very interesting looking run. We got verification from our vet that his body proportion is not fit to pull things. Meaning he cant be a working dog. He is such a sweet loving dog I can’t bear to see him stuck in a kennel with no purpose. I am hoping to find him a nice home. Right now he lives outside but when I bring him in he finds a bone and curls up. He is a really mellow dog with a super sweet attitude. He’s not fixed but hes up to date on everything. Gets along with all females and some younger males. Im not sure how he feels about cats, but I bet he would love a place on your couch.”

It could be that he just needs to mature more and completely fill out and not be so gangly and non proportioned.  He is a very young boy and sounds like a wonderful dog.  If you are interested you can contact: