Aurora is gorgeous!  Shepherd/husky.  When she came into the shelter she was so fearful that she totally flunked her temperament test.  The stress got to her and she freaked at her collar being grabbed, was possessive of food, and just overall didn’t get a very good report.  BUT…she is only 8 months old and she is brilliant.  A volunteer worked with her for 30 minutes and by the time I got to the shelter, you could pet her around the neck, play with her and give her treats nicely.  In just a few minutes she understood to “sit” and then “wait” for the treat that was presented to her in a hand.  She learned to “wait” at a door before going outside.  This dog is extremely trainable and smart.  It will take a special home that will take her to puppy classes and work hard to bring her trust back up.  She has tremendous potential with the right person.  We all love this dog and can see that she just wants to please, but had a rough start to life.