Update January 2019:  Bing is doing great.  He LOVES to pull.  Is very mannerly in harness.

Update Sept. 28: Bing is a GREAT hard working dog.  He loves to run and pulls super hard.  Although he will chew his dog house when he is bored (this dog needs a lot of exercise!) he is not a line or harness chewer.  His foster person says “boy does he love to run in harness!”

UPDATE: Bing is in rescue.  If you are interested in him contact info@secondchanceleague.org

Bing is a young pointer mix.  And WOW.  This boy needs a job.  He is unbounded energy and a bit of craziness.  It was very hard to get a picture of him.  He wants to run and slam into you, jump into your face, love you and lick you and knock you over.  He needs a JOB.  He also needs to run 5 miles a day at least.  I can see this boy being a STAR skijoring dog.  He is long and lean and tall.  But he is still a puppy and needs some training (well, maybe a lot of training) and tons of exercise.  But I really like this boy and his great happiness in life.