Breeze is an older gal (8) that has been in and out of the shelter.  When she first got there she was terribly shy.  But she has come a long way and is a total sweetheart.  She comes when she is called when loose in the yard.  She jumps on a dog house for pets.  She takes biscuits gently.  The girl just doesn’t present well!!  When she is on a chain she is constantly circling.  When she is brought inside she circles in her pen.  But if she is out in the yard loose in a pen she becomes totally calm and curious.  This girl would love a retirement home where she never has to be on a chain again.  She would love a big fenced yard and a playmate. She had a bad experience with other dogs so if you have a dog, an introduction is a must.  She is just a love of a dog that is misunderstood.  She has been adopted twice from the shelter and brought back each time.  Anxiety seems to take over in new situations.  She would love a home where they give her a chance to settle in and become part of a family.  I love this dog.  She is gentle and would do best if given some good exercise then be allowed to lay at your feet.  Even at her age I bet she would love to run for a few miles in a recreational team if there aren’t aggressive dogs.  I hope Breeze finds her forever home soon.