Update: September 1.  YEAH!  Suki is being adopted.  We are so happy.  She came to the borough shelter nearly 2 years ago.  Then into foster care for close to that time.  Now she is being adopted into an active home with another dog friend.  

Update Dec. 21, 2019: Haven’t done an update in awhile for Suki.  She is a dear.  Likes people and children.  Runs lead!  She has been doing great in her foster home.  She does have another female dog that she seems not to like, but the foster never puts them together.  Suki seems most comfortable in lead.

Update January 2019:  I heard Suki is running lead.  She continues to thrive and loves to run.

Update Sept. 28: Suki’s foster person says this about her: “Suki is more subdued, but is a hard worker – she is doing well too, although sometimes a bit snippy with some of the other dogs”.  Suki is  very hard working girl.  She probably needs run a lot to keep her happy and content.  She would make a great addition to a team for her work ethic.

UPDATE: Suki is in foster care through The Second Chance League.  Contact them at: info@secondchanceleague.org

Suki was the lone female that came in with her kennel mates Mouse, Mocha and Diamond.  (Diamond has already been adopted).  I love this girl.  She is SO friendly and loves everyone.  She ran in a children’s team all winter and is in good shape other than being terribly thin.  She was spayed recently so ready to go to her new home.  She will probably go after a rabbit, or maybe a cat, but she loves other dogs and I bet with training and getting bonded with a new owner, she will make a trusted companion.