Update:  July.  Umbra has been adopted!  She went to an active home with another dog.  Sounds like a great match.

Update: June.  Umbra has come a long long way at the shelter.  The 2nd picture is the one I just took a couple of days ago.  She is still a bit shy, but she comes to you and wants to be loved, but then gets a little scared.  With patience, I bet this dog would strongly bond with whoever takes her.  She is petite, but with her husky background I bet she would be a very driven pup.  She is young.  Her whole life is ahead of her.  Hope she finds a great home.

Umbra is a 10 month old spayed female Alaska husky.  She is from a village and can be a bit shy.  But she really wants to be loved!!  If you are calm around her, she will wag her tail and give you a smile and let you pet her under her chin.  She will need a gentle hand and some more socialization.  She is a pretty little thing that is harness broken and had run in a team.  She will need good exercise to keep her happy, but I bet with time she would be a great companion dog.