Spotty (Tok)

My name is Spotty.  I am pretty old and I am a boy.  I am shy and I am quiet.  I do not want to run, I just want a nice quiet place to rest and to be loved.  I am a big boy, but I need to gain a little more weight.  I have one brown eye and one blue eye. contact:...

Pac Man (Tok)

My name is Pac Man.  I am just 2 years old now and I am a boy.  I need to gain some weight and I need a home where I am active.  I am ready to learn anything someone wants to teach me.  I was bred to run as a sled dog, but I might like to skijor.  I am kind of shy...

Amy (Tok)

My name is Amy.  I am 4-5 years old and I am a girl.  I weigh 40 pounds, but I should weigh 50 pounds.  I am super friendly but I love to run, I love to run so much that I run circles around my spin zone all day.  I have trouble keeping weight on because I am a...

Fat Boy (Tok)

My name is Fat Boy.  I am about 8 or 9 years old and I am a boy. I weigh 49 pounds.  I am friendly and I love to eat, I even like to eat rocks.  My teeth are not so good. Contact:

Cloud (Tok)

My name is Cloud.  I am a 3 year old male and I weigh 50 pounds.  I am friendly and would love to have a home where I could be active, yet I really like being petted. contact: