Update March 16th: Falene has been pulled into the Second Chance League rescue.  She is in a foster home.  If interested, email me off this web site.  Yea!

Falene was just spayed, thus the cone….She was dropped off in the after hours cages with NO paperwork.  How I wish people would put something about the dogs they drop off.  Sure would help in finding them homes.  But I have a theory about Falene.  She is probably a very fast sprint dog that saw her performance dropping off. The musher just figured she was “done” thus dropped her off at the shelter.  WELL…..when she was spayed it was found she had extra uterine tissue in her.  Possibly a mummified puppy?  Yikes!  If she was dropped at the shelter because of her performance–no wonder!!!

The “mass” was benign so no problems there.  If she is still there in another week I will take her out for a skijor and see how she does.  She is very sweet.  High energy.

UPDATE:  Falene is an amazing dog.  She got to run around loose in a large pen today and she LOVED it.  She was crazy manic with the biggest grin on her face.  This girl has amazing potential.  She can be a tad bit shy, but I just sat as she ran around crazily, and then she calmed and came up to me to pets and treats.  Such a great girl.