Update March 4: Rita has been adopted!

Rita is an 18 month old pointer mix.  She came from a sprint kennel along with her sister. It is said she was running 16 miles but didn’t have confidence to run with a big team.  These girls are AMAZING.  I would take them both in a heartbeat if I was looking for more dogs.  Rita is the more timid one, but I bet she would come around quickly and be very devoted.  Her coat is very rough and bristly and she has many wear marks where her fur is rubbed off including around her collar.  This is often indicative of a thyroid problem.  She was just spayed and that might help, but thyroid meds for the winter are very inexpensive.

And being so young….this girl and her sister have tremendous potential.  Pointers often mature later than traditional Alaska huskies.  I’ve seen many pointer mixes at the shelter that people have given up on when they are yearlings, only to blossom and be stars when they are 4 years old.  The sisters are quite devoted to each other and I bet they would make a fabulous skijor team.