Update: Scout was adopted!

Update: March 21.  Scout ran in a 6 dog team today and did great.  As with his brother Wind, he is very hand shy and timid at the shelter.  He loves to run and has a nice lope and trot.  He has a lot of power and was a delight to watch.  When we turned around we put him in lead with Iris’ lead dog and he did great.  Just balked a bit when he had to pass another person, then back out straight.  He will need kindness and patience as he is very hand shy and timid.  He loves to run.  

Scout is around 5 years old.  He is probably the shyest of the group.  None of the dogs liked being petted over the head and would shy away.  Skat loves his belly rubbed.  With patience he would come around quickly.