Update: Wind was adopted!

Update: We ran Wind in a 6 dog team today.  He is VERY hand shy (as is Scout) so care must be taken when harnessing.  They are just timid and afraid.  But this boy is a beautiful dog with a lovely lope and trot.  No issues with other dogs that we can see.  Just an all around super nice dog that needs patience and a gentle hand.

Wind is gorgeous but very shy and reserved.  With patience this dog would make a great companion and skijoring dog.

Wind came in with 6 other dogs.  4 males and 2 females.  5 of them I would consider nearly emaciated.  They all need to put on some weight and if the ex owner had put weight on them, these dogs would probably be thriving in a team.  These dogs are not up on the shelter website yet as they just came in on Monday and are being vet checked.  They will all be spayed or neutered.  Randy is 9 years old but all the rest are 4 or 5 years old.  In the prime of their lives!!