ZEUS is adopted!  YEAH

Update Dec. 21: Zeus is an amazing dog.  He can be free run.  He skijors (not fast but he goes!) and loves living inside.  He hates cars (but they are working on this to make him more comfortable riding in a car).  Just an all around love.  Gets along with people and other dogs.  A true charmer.  Many kudos to his foster parents, giving this dog the confidence and love he needs.

Update: October 19. Zeus is now in foster care through The Second Chance League.  It is a fabulous place with a couple that may adopt him.  He is a love!

Zeus and Miles (other post) came from an unfortunate situation of being given away to a military couple who promptly left town and dumped them at the shelter.  How terrible for these 2 fine boys.

Zeus would make a great companion and pet.  He has run in a team but he would like to be recreational as he is 8 years old and would love to transition to retirement.  BUT…he has a ton of energy and I bet would be a great skijor dog or in a smaller team where he would shine.  This boy loves running free around the shelter’s big yard.  He has so much fun.  He comes when you call him and is just a love.  Being older, he is often passed over when people are looking for dogs. But this boy has a ton of life left in him and he wants to share it with you!!