Update June 20: As much as her foster LOVES Gilly…with her many travels a forever home has now been found for Gilly.  She will head to Soldotna on the 26th to live in a very active home on acres of land.  She has been a very lucky dog all the way around.  Her foster made amazing progress with this shy girl.  Kudos to L.

Update: April 22 Well, after looking over paperwork, Elsa and Gilly are NOT sisters!!!  They came from the same kennel. Not sure of kinship.  Gilly is only 10 months old.  Still very much a puppy.  She has tons of energy and the foster said that even after walking her for 2 hours she STILL wants to run and play.  She can be shy around other people, but has bonded strongly with her foster person.  Whoever takes this pup will need a little patience to gain her trust.  A very sweet girl.

Amelia is still a baby!  Just a year and a half old, she came from out of town with not a lot of information.  She is in foster care right now through SCL.  She is just adjusting to the indoor life and looks like she is very happy!!  In the near future she might try some skijoring.  If you are interested in Amelia please contact info@secondchanceleague.org.

She is a bit timid but not overly so.  She will need a patient person but she has so much potential!