Update June 1:  Loki has been adodpted.

WOW!  Want an all around great dog that also gets along with cats???  Here is what his current foster says about him:  (If interested please contact Andrew at:  achann@protonmail.com)

Loki is a 3 year old husky that we’ve been fostering since February 2020. The person who was supposed to take him no longer can, so we need to find him a good home where he can be a pet. He shouldn’t go into a dog yard, he’s lived the life of in-home luxury since he came to us and has fully integrated into life with 3 other dogs and 2 cats. We went skijoring while there was snow on the ground and he was the perfect skijoring partner for me as a beginner, but he didn’t pull me along unless I was also putting in effort. He’s a bit of a couch potato, but loves to go out for walks and play with our big 80 pound dog, Atlas. He’s not a typical high energy husky, but insists to be within 3 feet of his person most of the time. He does very well in his crate and often lies in it with the door open when we’re just hanging out. Due to my impending move to Juneau, we can’t keep Loki in perpetuity and need to find him a home where he can be a couch potato, receive pets, and cuddle in bed. His favorite activities starting with most favorite are being loved on, cuddling, napping, playing, and taking walkies.