Update July 25: Bjork has been adopted.  A great home!

Update July 13: Bjork is slowly starting to trust some people.  This dog is going to be a great dog for someone with patience and a lot of love to give her!  She loves running around the yard with the other dogs. She is totally easy going with them even though they want to play hard with her!  She is speedy just running loose.  Would love to see her skijor one of these days!  She is still young.  (1 year old) She has tremendous potential as a companion and hiking pal.

Bjork is a sibling to Tilda.  She comes from sprint lines.  She is one year old and unknown if she has ever been in harness.  This girl will come around quickly with patience and love.  She isn’t as fearful as Tilda and is very approachable.  She would love a pet home where she could go skijoring and running and become your best friend.  Tilda is very comfortable around Bjork.  Wouldn’t you like a fast 2 dog skijor team?