Update July 13: Roo has been adopted.  Hope it works for her this time!

Update June 9: Roo is back.  sigh…..Not sure really why.  She is inside at the shelter.  She has a part of her back shaved as she has a hot spot (she is pretty thick coated!) and is on antibiotics.  I hope someone finds a way to bring this little girl into their heart.

Update: May 30.  Roo was adopted!  I sure hope she is happy in her new home.  YEAH!

Roo Roo Roo.  I am in love with this older girl.  She is 10 and just adorable!!!  I sure hope she finds a great retirement home.  She came in with Raider and Diamond.  She is just the sweetest girl. She gives tiny little gentle kisses.  She has a very short nose that makes her that much cuter!  A great personality and all around nice dog.