This is what the owner says about Prada:

“Prada is 6 or 7 and a gentle soul. She is a retired racer but still very athletic. Very affectionate. When you walk past her kennel she just begs for you to come in for a snuggle.  She is not spayed but again we will pay to have them spayed and get all their shots. Something funny about her is that she hates carbs. Lol!! We like to joke that she does not Eat them because she doesn’t want to wear a harness bigger than a red/yellow ( I think that’s the one). She will literally pick out any extra bread or starchy treat we add to their food to fatten them up. He gives them lard in the winter to fatten them up a little because they have outside kennels and she gingerly picks it out of her food every single time. ”

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