Update Oct.3: Lightening is in foster care now through The Second Chance League.  Can’t wait to hear how this girl runs in a team and blossoms in a small kennel.

Update: Lightening has been returned to the shelter.  She didn’t get along with some of the dogs in her new kennel and got into a tiff.  She is a wonderful girl that pulls well, loves people and was gentle with the infant in the home.  She seems housebroken and likes being in the house.  So she is available again to the right place.

Update: Sept. 19.  Lightening has already tried out bikjoring!  She is still adjusting to her new surroundings and is shy at the moment.  She just wanted to run alongside the bike, which is pretty typical if a dog has never done this before.  She is said to do great in the house!

Update Sept. 17.  Lightening is being fostered through Second Chance League.  YEAH!

I had a hard time getting good pictures of this girl when I was in the pen with her.  She just wanted pets and was jumping and running around.  So finally got an OK pic of her from outside the pen.  Lightning came in with Ghost, Apollo and Thor.  All mushing trained and ALL are extremely friendly.  If I wanted a 4 dog team to explore the Fairbanks trails with I would probably take all 4.  A delightful group.