Blanca came from out of town.  She is 1 year old (born Oct 10, 2019).  She was brought to the shelter because she was the smallest in her litter and the people thought she would make a great pet.  At the shelter she is super traumatized and fearfully shy.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but she is flighty and super reserved.  But you can really see the potential in this girl.  She is gentle and just wants love. Her owners said she was totally outgoing with them and could free run and not run off.

Right now if someone took her and she got loose, she would not be able to be caught.  She is that shy.  But for someone that has a LOT of patience and a ton of love, this little girl should come around and be your best friend.  Her parents are both on the ex owners race team and she has been in harness a couple of times and did well.  This is a dog that will strongly bond with the right person and be a stellar pet and  probably a good skijor dog.

Let me know if you are interested in her but because of her super shyness at the moment, she is not on the PetHarbor web site for Fairbanks.