Meet Tallulah!  Our newest Second Chance League dog.  She came from afar to the Fairbanks animal shelter.  Skin and bones and shy and flighty, this year and a half old husky has seen some rough days.

But she is going to be great!  She is super shy but as you can see she is already roaming our house and meeting our dogs.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.  She is a sprinty girl, long and lean and will take a lot of love and patience to bring her out of her shell.  She is the quietest foster dog we have ever had here!  She got spayed on Tuesday (it is Saturday) so she has spent the nights in a large crate.  Luckily we can have her inside because with the cold temps (0 the other morning!) she can’t afford to use her calories to keep warm.

She loves pets under the chin and on her chest between her front legs.  She is getting used to (and enjoying) pets down her back.

In a few days she will be meeting her new foster family of a couple and a small team.  She will get to sleep in the house and have great interactions.

We have high hopes for this shy girl.

Thanks to the Fairbanks Animal Shelter for taking good care of this girl for her first few days in town.