Summer is flying!!  I haven’t been to the shelter in a bit.  There haven’t been a lot of huskies there and the ones that come in they haven’t been chaining outside.  Our lovely Charming is in foster care and blossoming.  He was the last husky to be outside.  So I keep an eye on the web site and with phone calls about dogs at the shelter.  I’m hoping this trend keeps up where we don’t have masses of sled dogs dropped off.  We continue to work behind the scenes, spreading the word for any huskies that do come in.

Have a great fall everyone!


Warm Day Walk


A warm day (41 above) walk to the pond with the girls.  I complain about the warmth but the day was beautiful and we enjoyed being out on the trail.  It is still very hard packed and a bit icy because of the rain and the heat but made for easy walking with spikies on my shoes.


Misty with the setting sun.


4 girls heading home.

A warm winter day



“HEY!”  the dogs are saying…”HEY HEY!”  “Look a stranger in our midst.  Who stopped here?  This isn’t one of us.  I wonder if we will see them up the trail?  Is it a husky?  Male?  Female?  Maybe we will make a new friend.”

The dogs always find the pee spots and the poo spots and have to stop and check them all out.  Alas we didn’t see a new friend today.  Being a holiday I thought more people would be on the trail but other than a couple of voices that came off a side trail and went on ahead of us possibly on fat bikes, we didn’t see a soul.  A nice 25 above day.

goinghomeHeading home up the road.


Pixel never stops running.  If she sees me far behind she turns and runs as fast as she can and makes an abrupt turn and runs back up the hill.  This is the only time the dogs are ahead of me.  During the whole walk they are usually behind, but going home they head up the hill quickly and up the driveway.

The fun never quits.

Pixel’s pick of clothing bits



She is a character.  She loves socks, gloves and boots.  She goes out of her way to watch me and if I dare leave a little space where she can get into the closet she runs in and comes out with either a boot or a glove.  She has great glee shining from her eyes and she runs around the house with her prize making happy chortling noises.  Given the chance she will start chewing on them, but luckily she is usually caught and the object taken away.  We do have balls and kongs laying around, but her true delight is something we have been wearing.

Instant Chiropractic adjustment

I went running today with the 4 girls.  Headed to the pond.  Pixel always gets super excited about our outings and as I run down the road she comes back leaping high into the air and we do some sort of body slam……so I decided to be creative and avoid the body slam by spinning around each time she came running back.  So as I spun she would run on past and not slam into my chest….until about the 5th time as I spun around she slammed into the back top of my legs and took me down.  The cartoon flip off my feet, legs straight up in the air and I came down hard on my upper back and neck before the rest of my body reached the ground.  I lay there for a minute getting my bearings and slowly got up feeling some bruises.  But after I ran it off, my body felt amazing.  My usual stiff back was gone….my tight neck…released.

Not sure how I will feel tomorrow, but for no charge at all Pixel did a great adjustment.

I can hire her out for cheap if anyone is in need.


New dog bed


Blackberry loves the new dog bed.  They were on sale at Fred’s at a great price so I bought one.  Should have bought more so maybe will get another one next time I’m shopping.



Winter walking

My usual picture of the trails in the winter and the 4 girls.  I must have dozens of these types of pictures.  White trail, dark trees, blue or white sky.  Walking in winter doesn’t have the hues of color that occur in the other seasons but the quietness, the beauty of the trail and the easy access to the wilderness in the winter makes up for the lack of color.  Even the 4 girls are black, white or black and white!


Tribute to Zorba

Sweet Zorba.  At 13.5 years old he was ready to leave earth to start his next adventure.  I’m never ready to see them go though.  It is always hard on the ones left behind.

I was blessed to get Zorba from another musher when he was quite young.  He worked so hard that he couldn’t do the longer distances of his original owner so he came into my life all full of spunk, high energy and speed.  He was a super sprint dog that got along with everyone and always had a happy smile.  He never barked much but had a long wooo whooooooooooo.  He was always easy to pick out when dogs were barking.

One of my first memories is when I was hooking up at team at Musher’s Hall.  I hadn’t let him loose before and with his energy I wasn’t about to try that day.  But when I had a lot of the team hooked up and went back for him, he pulled away and shot down the trail in a cloud of snow.  OH NO!!  I called for him and he slowed, looked back and realized that HIS team wasn’t with him.  He came running back up the hill as fast as he went down and was put into the team.  He earned my trust that day.

He had IBS most of his life which was hard to figure out at first.  How to get his system under control and weight on him.  After trying different foods I finally found one that worked for him and he gained weight and was a happy dog for his later years.  But age caught up to him and his body gave out.  I’m sad, but so happy that he spent so many years of his life with me and the pack.  And heartily welcomed Don into that pack.
I will miss him as I miss all the other dogs that have come and gone in my life.  There is a special place that I’m planning on meeting them all again somewhere far down the road.

Love you Zorba.


Winter is coming

Time for winter.  First snows are always fun.  The 4 girls, Don and I took a nice walk down on the partially frozen trails.  As a family that loves winter, we are excited for the first signs that our favorite season is just around the corner.4dogssnowyroad