Still with us

Well, Tiny and Cruger didn’t fly out today.  Don and I got up before 6 am and loaded the dogs in their crates into his car and headed to the airport.  When we got there no one had heard that the dogs were supposed to be on that flight.  Seems there was a major communication breakdown between Galena and the charter flight heading out.  A bit frustrating for sure!  So we brought the pups back home and now it looks as if they might head out on Saturday.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

Tiny and Cruger

We have had a couple of foster dogs for 2 days and it has been a lot of fun.  These dogs had been out in Goldstream for nearly a month (thank you Pam!) being fostered but we finally have a flight for them to their new home.  These dogs came from the flood waters of Galena and will be going to a new home there tomorrow.  We tried to brush them out today as they are shedding heavily and they really loved the body stimulation and being petted and brushed all over.  We didn’t get out all the old fur, but got a good start.

They are both quite young and very energetic.  They have probably always been on chains so we put a long line on them and let them loose in our large fenced area.  We soon took the long line off Cruger for he would come when we called him.  Tiny is a bit more reserved but once you approached her she loves the scratches.  They ran and ran and ran.  Still puppies they played hard chasing each other, jumping over holes, branches and careening around corners.  It was a joy to see them run loose.

Cruger would make a great pet.  He loves people and wants to be with you.  They are both going to be sled dogs and that will be a good outlet for their high energy.

We will miss them even though we have had them for only a very short time.  They are super cool dogs.
Cruger Tiny TinyCruger

Eating Dandelions

Our dogs love dandelions.  The yard is plentiful with them so we often pull the new shoots and scatter them in the yard.  The dogs get very excited with greens and chow down quickly.  Along with these greens, the dogs love young fireweed and any household vegetable scraps that we collect.

Misty kept a large pile to herself.


Pixel speaks


Pixel here…..Wow…what a wonderful walk we had today.  Well, Carol was running or trying to as I wrecked havoc on her run. I had a blast.  We took off from home with my 3 friends Misty, Blackberry and Ivy.  34 degrees with crusty trails.  It was hard going but OH what fun.  I ran and ran and ran.  I like to stay with the pack though and the most fun is when I get out ahead….stop quickly, turn and run as fast as I can back to Carol ending with a flying leap in the air towards Carol’s face.  I hit her chin pretty hard once and I laughed and laughed.  The most fun was when she started chest or stomach bumping me.  As I would dash back she would stick out her chest as I was leaping up and we would do a really cool chest bump.  I think that is great fun.  Carol might have some bruises though….

Once the other girls got a bit tired they all like to walk behind Carol.  Geesh.  What kind of fun is that??  So I decided to try and run behind her too.  WOW.  Even more fun.  As she was running I could bump along on either leg.  run bump run bump run bump run bump…well, you get the idea!  And as she would raise her back leg running I would often put my neck on her calf.  ha ha ha ha.  But really the most fun was what I called the “weave.”  I could run through her legs, stop quickly in front of her then weave around one side and back to the back.  It was often fun running along with my head between her calves, bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk…wow…that made me dizzy and I think it annoyed Carol just a little bit.  She might have some bruises on her legs too.  humph.  She said something about not running with me any more….just walking.  That doesn’t sound as much fun as today, but any time I can get out with the girls is a grand time.

So we did the boat loop today.  Sunny and 34 degrees.  Hard to get off the trail as I could daintily (yes I can run daintily!) run on top of the crust then kawomph, through the crust I would go and have to struggle to get back on the trail.  I think that Misty, Blackberry and Ivy find me annoying at times but they are my good friends and don’t give me too much grief for my exuberance.

Carol did manage to get 1 picture of me sitting.  We stop for treats occasionally and I have learned to sit nicely and share with the other girls. We are such good dogs.  ha ha.

I’m tired but am so looking forward to our next outing.

Pixel signing off.  Arf Arf.



Pixel runs


Pixel is loving the free running.  She was so shy and fearful when we first got her we didn’t dare let her off the line.  She is still shy with other people, but she loves the pack and needs the intense exercise of running all out down trails.  So she is now a part of the small pack that is totally trustworthy to take out running on the trails.  This is a “spring” day in early May with 2 feet of snow still on the ground!  Pixel is the little black dog with perky ears.  (her friends are Blackberry, Misty and Ivy)

Bonsai loves his kongs

bonsaikong2Bonsai loves his kongs.  The one as his head rest is a large kong that he can barely get his mouth around.  Seems he is always sleeping with one or with his ball.bonsaikong1

A tiny bit of sun

jewelpixel 4floordogsA little bit of sun this morning.  After 2 days of snow snow snow.  around 5″ and 0 degree temperatures.  The snow stopped for awhile last night and this morning was clear with sunny skies.  Jewel and Pixel took full advantage of the warmth as they cuddled up on the floor for a snooze.  I was surprised that neither moved for over an hour even with Pixel’s feet laying on Jewel.  But alas….the sun was short lived as it has clouded up and snow flurries again.


Hiking with the girls

IvyBBMisty PondA wonderful winter walk with Blackberry, Misty and Ivy.  The boat loop is a 4.5 mile walk past the pond and around the circle to the power line and back home.  It was -17 at our house this morning and -30 in town.  Winter is keeping a hard grip on the interior but the weather forecast looks good with a warming trend to possibly above freezing.  Does that mean spring will have arrived?  A little late in March to see the cold and windy conditions that we have had this week.  But the sunny days and firm trails make my feet do a little happy dance knowing that within the month these trails will be muddy and impassable.  So the 3 of us enjoyed our walk with no one else on the trails.  Just ski tracks, fat tire bike tracks and an array of animal tracks.  Moose, fox, squirrels, shrews and birds.

Tiring out the puppies

Don and I tried to tire out the puppies today.  Don took Bonsai for a 6 mile run.  He was in harness and Don was in his skijor gear.  I took Pixel and left first with Pixel on a leash.

Once Don caught up and passed us, Pixel went crazy wanting to keep up with Bonsai.  I am way slower than Don so Pixel and I turned around on St. Pats and headed back up and to the top of Henderson Road which comes out at Ester Dome Road.  Then back home (7 miles).  Pixel is quite hard to run with on a leash.  It would probably be worse with skijor gear because she does sudden stops, turns, goes behind me, leaps up to my face, pulls out front….it was quite the athletic endeavor juggling Pixel, guarding that my arm wasn’t pulled out of the socket, plus being aware of her abrupt stops and leaps.

Are they tired?  These 2 pictures were taken after we got back.  Both were still full of energy but I think as the day goes on they will both take a hard nap!  A fun day for sure with 12 degree sunny skies.