I don’t have a good picture of Sugar, but I’ll post when I do.  She is a long legged sprint husky (very blond) that had been on winning sprint teams.  Why she ended up at the shelter we will never know!

She is in foster care through The Second Chance League right now.  She got her first run in yesterday as a wheel dog and did very well.  She just got spayed 11 days ago so will have easier runs at first.


Cindy and her sister Amelia came from a village out of town.  She is 1.5 years old and a super sweetie.  She is shy but will come around with patience and love.  She is in a foster home through The Second Chance League.  She is learning to be an inside dog and goes on long walks with her foster mom.  Both the girls are super sweet.  So much potential!  If you are interested please email [email protected]


Amelia is still a baby!  Just a year and a half old, she came from out of town with not a lot of information.  She is in foster care right now through SCL.  She is just adjusting to the indoor life and looks like she is very happy!!  In the near future she might try some skijoring.  If you are interested in Amelia please contact [email protected]

She is a bit timid but not overly so.  She will need a patient person but she has so much potential!




UPDATE March 4: Juno is in foster care through the shelter being tried out in a mushing team.  If interested in Juno please ask at the front desk of the borough animal shelter.

Juno is SO cute!  She is a 40 pound female 1 year old husky.  I don’t know if she has been in harness.  (probably not).  She came to the shelter along with her mother (Ester) who got adopted from a village.  They were VERY skinny, but affectionate and social.  Juno will bark at you at the shelter (she is inside) but she just wants love.  She is young and has tremendous potential.  These village dogs are TOUGH.  I bet she would love to be a team member or skijor.  She does well inside but would love a home where she can work and have fun.


Update March 11: Jester was in his first tour team!  The foster person said he didn’t seem to know what to do (maybe never in harness?  We didn’t know as there was no paperwork left for him when he was dropped in the after hour cages at the shelter).  But he caught on pretty quickly and pulled happily the whole tour.  GO Jester!

Update March 5: Jester is being pulled into The Second Chance League.  He will hopefully soon be giving tourists an amazing amount of affection and mushing rides through the forest.  Happy boy.

Jester is SUCH a happy boy.  He loves everybody.  He is VERY enthusiastic and strong.  He would make a great team member with a person that does tours in the winter.  Did I say he LOVES people?

This boy has been at the shelter for a long time.  He really deserves a working home or a skijoring home.  I bet he would love to live inside after a good day of exercise and lay at your feet contented.  He is outside at the shelter.

Red and Pedro


Update April 5th: RED:  Red is having a trial forever home placement.  He has to learn to get along with the old matriarch of the house….and if he does and she accepts him….then he has his forever home.  A GREAT place to be.  

Update March 24: RED:  Red is a star.  This all around GREAT dog is looking for his permanent home.  This is what he foster person says about him:

“I have been fostering Red the past few months. He is available for adoption through the Second Chance League. He gets along with everyone including kids, dogs and cats. He does really well in the house and in a crate.
He comes when he’s called and LOVES people.
Red had been running tours with me for several months. He is an extremely hard worker and can run for quite a ways, especially at a trot (which is the speed of tours)
He came from a sprint kennel and also greatly enjoys going on sprint runs. He does sometimes dip while doing sprint runs, which is probably why he didnt make a race team.
Red would be an awesome dog for running tours, a recreational team, or an avid skijorer that is looking for a very hard working and loving dog.
He will run anywhere in the team including lead. He does not seem to know commands, but listens to the dog next to him and I’m sure will learn more given the training.
He LOVES being a sled dog and I would really like to see him go to a home where he can still run in harness.
He is 5 years old.”

Update March 11: Pedro is a star!  Single skijoring with his adopter.  Great home.  And RED WOW.  He is running lead in his foster’s non racing team.  If you want an ALL around nice dog that can run anywhere in the team, gets along with everyone and loves people…..Red is the dog for you!  Still available for adoption to a forever home.

Update Red: Red is LOVING doing tours this winter for the Alaska guests.  Here is what his foster had to say about him today:  “He loves it and is such a hard worker and loves all the people”.  Red is still looking for his forever home.  Would make a great working/pet/skijor/mushing for fun dog.  Did we say he loves people?? YES!  He does!

Update Pedro: Ped has found his forever home.  He was adopted by an active person and loves going for long hikes and sleeping in the house.  YEAH.

January 25: We had found a terrific temporary foster for the boys!  They are giving tours to Alaska guests.  They LOVE their new job.  They are both driven and love the attention from the guests.  They get along with all of the other dogs at their new place.  And after just a couple of days Pedro has gone to a new trial home as a potential forever home.  Red is looking for his forever home too!  Great dogs.

HELP!  Jan. 16:  We are in need of a new foster/forever home for these 2 boys.  ASAP! Please email [email protected]  and let me know. Thanks.

Update Dec. 21: These 2 boys are thriving.  They can be loose run and come when called.  Red is very focused when he is in a team.  Loves to run.  Pedro can be a bit distracted but he is such a GREAT dog.  Both dogs are so friendly.  They are very easy also…loving being outside and playing, but they go into their crates because it is comfortable and warm while inside.  They are “no trouble” dogs and will fit in with any active family.

Update Dec. 7: What super great dogs these are!!  Their foster person got them out skijoring with some different people.  Red is awesome.  Not afraid of the skis and runs well with another dog. Straight down the trail, focused and driven.  He desperately wants to be with a person.  He would make an awesome pet/skijor dog/hiking companion.  He is getting along well with a dozen other dogs (free running around the fenced yard) and often when he comes in the house he goes in a crate and lays down. He is super chill.

Pedro wasn’t quite as focused as Red.  He liked to stop and check things out along the trail, but when he was moving he was fast and driven.  He is goofy and just wants a human to love.  Another dog that would make a great pet.  Comes when he is called.  Just wants to be with you.

Update Dec 4: Red and Pedro have been pulled into The Second Chance League.  If you are interested in either of these boys you can contact [email protected]   

I’ll keep updates as the boys progress in their new foster home and all the training they will be getting.

Update: Nov. 25: I took Red and Pedro (one at a time) out for a skijor.  These dogs, along the way, have lost all of their confidence.  They just want to hug you and be by your side.  Red DID go though skijoring.  Took awhile for him to understand it was OK to be out in front of me on skis, but once he did he ran nicely.  He thought it was great that he could sniff stuff along the trail, but I kept him focused and we did a nice half mile loop.  Pedro, on the other hand, didn’t want to go at all.  He wanted to hug me as I’m skiing along with him by my side.  He didn’t want to go out front.  I really want to try these 2 together because it does take a special dog to want to skijor by themselves.  Either of these dogs would make GREAT pets as they are so friendly and loving.  Just give them some good exercise and you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion.

Not the best pictures!  I’ll go back and get better ones soon.

Red and Pedro are top of the line sprint dogs.  They are both 5 years old.  They were brought in because their musher did not have time for them.  They are both wonderfully friendly dogs with a lot of personality.  They aren’t hyper or high strung, but being pointer/husky mixes they will need a lot of exercise to be happy dogs.  Pedro is said to be a leader.  Hopefully we will get some snow.  I would LOVE to get these 2 boys out skijoring.  I bet they would make a wonderful 2 dog team, fast and sleek, yet would want to be laying at your feet in a warm house after a day on the snow. They both had some teeth problems which were fixed and pulled.  Such nice dogs.


Update March 28: Kiba found his wonderful forever home.  Lucky pup. He moved to Homer! 

Update January 25: Kiba most likely has found a forever home.  I’ll keep you updated.  He is thriving at his foster home.  Loves all dogs.  Comes when called.  Great dog!

Update Dec. 21: WOW.  This pup is amazing.  Not even a year old and LOVES to run up front.  Is a fast sprint dog.  Loves to skijor.  Loves other dogs.  He is a super dog that is looking for a perfect home.

Update Dec. 7:  Kiba is shining.  He went skijoring today with another dog and its like he has done this his whole life.  Other than the one time I ran-joured with him, he had never been in harness, never been in front of skis.  He is a total natural.  And only 11 months old!!  At his foster home, he is getting along with the dozen other dogs. He loves to play, but when he comes inside, he is chill and finds a dog bed to curl up on.  He loves people and would love an active home.

Update Dec 4:  Kiba was pulled into The Second Chance League.  If you are interested in this dynamic puppy please contact [email protected]      He already has a new pal at his foster home and I was sent a short video on the 2 of them running and playing in a huge field.  I’ll keep updates posted here.

Update:  I took Kiba out today on a canicross run!  Short but oh so fun.  This boy has never been in harness.  He can be a bit wild to put a harness on.  I used one of the half harnesses.  I hooked him to me with my skijor belt and line and off we went out of the parking lot and down the bike path.  WOW.  This boy can RUN.  He is super fast (my poor legs are going to be sore tomorrow) and driven.  He loved being out front and even with traffic, snow graders and wrappers on the bike path (one of which he grabbed on the run!) he didn’t flinch.  I can see this boy in a skijor team or even a sprint team.  He is super skinny right now.  He definitely needs some weight on him.  He got a bad rap from his first home, but being a puppy still at 11 months old, this boy had tremendous potential.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Kiba.  He is a VERY active puppy.  Not even a year old, but he has had a hard start to life.  He was in  a pet home and probably not given enough exercise.  He had spats over food with the other dog in the house and wanted to go after the cats.  He wanted to chase the goats and seemed like he was always getting in trouble.  This tall, lanky sprint husky needs a JOB!!!  He is sweet with people.  Loves everyone.  As you can see from the one picture he was in a kennel next to a big male dog and he paid him no attention.  His write up at the shelter makes him look pretty bad, but this is a young dog that would thrive on hard work.  He would love to run and run.


Update Dec. 21, 2019: Haven’t done an update in awhile for Suki.  She is a dear.  Likes people and children.  Runs lead!  She has been doing great in her foster home.  She does have another female dog that she seems not to like, but the foster never puts them together.  Suki seems most comfortable in lead.

Update January 2019:  I heard Suki is running lead.  She continues to thrive and loves to run.

Update Sept. 28: Suki’s foster person says this about her: “Suki is more subdued, but is a hard worker – she is doing well too, although sometimes a bit snippy with some of the other dogs”.  Suki is  very hard working girl.  She probably needs run a lot to keep her happy and content.  She would make a great addition to a team for her work ethic.

UPDATE: Suki is in foster care through The Second Chance League.  Contact them at: [email protected]

Suki was the lone female that came in with her kennel mates Mouse, Mocha and Diamond.  (Diamond has already been adopted).  I love this girl.  She is SO friendly and loves everyone.  She ran in a children’s team all winter and is in good shape other than being terribly thin.  She was spayed recently so ready to go to her new home.  She will probably go after a rabbit, or maybe a cat, but she loves other dogs and I bet with training and getting bonded with a new owner, she will make a trusted companion.

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