Angel (I was calling her Lucy!!)

Looking for a foster or home (preferable home!) for this sweetie from Manley (I thought it was Minto at first!  My bad!).  She can be brought to town soon. She is 18 months old and loves everybody.  Her owner states she really doesn’t want to be a sled dog.  Would make a great hiking companion and lap dog.

Sanders (courtesy post)

Sanders is a 1.5 year old pointer mix.  Here is what the owner says about him:

“Meet Sanders. He is 1.5 years old. We started training with him this season on a sprint team. We noticed he had difficulty keeping up with our team and had a very interesting looking run. We got verification from our vet that his body proportion is not fit to pull things. Meaning he cant be a working dog. He is such a sweet loving dog I can’t bear to see him stuck in a kennel with no purpose. I am hoping to find him a nice home. Right now he lives outside but when I bring him in he finds a bone and curls up. He is a really mellow dog with a super sweet attitude. He’s not fixed but hes up to date on everything. Gets along with all females and some younger males. Im not sure how he feels about cats, but I bet he would love a place on your couch.”

It could be that he just needs to mature more and completely fill out and not be so gangly and non proportioned.  He is a very young boy and sounds like a wonderful dog.  If you are interested you can contact:


Fuel and Belah

Fuel the mostly red dog is from Tanana.  She is out there right now along with her kennel mate Belah.  The family in Tanana would love to find a really good retirement home for these 2 girls and no one in Tanana has said they would like a pet/retirement husky.  So, if we could find these girls a home in Fairbanks or the Anchorage area that would be great.  Here is what her owner says about Fuel.

“This is Fuel. Small female about 40#’s. 10 years old, experienced sled dog in swing. Doesn’t like to be in lead unless chasing another team. Hasn’t run much this year except around the yard.  She had all her vaccines, but no records.  She had pups once, 4 years ago. She doesn’t like to be inside for very long, but maybe could get to like it. She will sleep in a dog house, but likes it on the open side, otherwise she sleeps on the ground. Friendly, but a little reserved.”


Belah is the red dog.  Here is what her owner says about her:

“This is Belah (bee- lu, short u).  It means white in Czech. 45 or 50# female, 8 years old. Has some miles, this winter, about 300.  Experienced sled dog on rough trails, water, wind, overflow, etc. A bit on the lazy side, but still likes to go. She likes to be inside and wouldn’t mind the couch. Easy keeper, good drinker loves to eat, so gains weight quickly. Very friendly, would make a good pet too.  Has all vaccines, but no records. ”


If anyone is interested in these dogs we could try to find a flight into town for them.




La Pew

Update:Le Pew has been adopted.

I really like this boy.  He has been at the shelter since November 22.  He was brought in with paperwork that said he was getting tired of being a sled dog.  I DO find this hard to wrap my brain around as that instinct to go go go is usually in all huskies.  I usually think of something physical going on if a dog all of a sudden decides they are tired of running.  It could be that he was run too far at a young age or that he is physically injured with something not seen. He is only 3 years old. The vet is going to check him out this week to make sure it isn’t physical.  This boy is super nice.  Friendly and social.  He would love to be your couch lounger.  He is a bit calmer than the other 2 boys at the shelter.


Update: Duncan has been adopted!

Everyone LOVES Duncan.  He is a sweet boy with a lot of personality.  He is social and friendly and seems to love all people.  Duncan has been a sled dog in the past but at the young age of 3, he started having seizures in the team.  Seems it happens when he is run for a little longer time.  His owner stated that he probably shouldn’t run more than 5 miles.  This guy is lean and strong and has a lot of energy.  His facial expressions just make you fall in love with him.  He will need an owner that will keep a close eye on him for seizures.  (I had a sprint dog for 11 years that had seizures!  But with vet care, they were managed and he was one of my best shorter distance running dog and skijor dog!) So don’t discount Duncan’s love for running and exercise if you are careful and watchful.

He would also make a great fun pet if given enough exercise.


Update: Stout has been adopted.

Stout is a very goofy and energetic bigger husky.  He is only 2 years old.  He may have some malemute in him.  This guy needs a job!!  He loves everybody.  He jumps on people and just wants them to stay in his spot.  This boy would add a ton of power to a team.  Or he would be a powerful skijor dog if given the chance.

Stout is outside at the shelter.  I bet he would make a wonderful pet too if given a lot of exercise and stimulation.

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