Abandoned Healer/husky mix needing home (Vikki)


This sweet 2 year old female husky was abandoned at the After Hours Clinic after being attacked by other dogs in her home.  She is all fixed up and will be spayed.  Although shy at first, she is said to warm up and love snuggles.  She will do best in a one dog home as she is frightened of other dogs right now.  If you can give her a home please contact 479-2700.  (They may only answer the phone after 6 pm!).

Richard and Jackie

Richard (house C) and his daughter Jackie (house G) came from the same kennel.  They are delightful traditional huskies.  And young!  Richard is 2 years old and Jackie is 1 year.  Both have tremendous potential for a nice skijor team that will take you through any weather.  They are super nice dogs that take treats nicely and don’t leap and jump on you!


Here’s another young sprinty pointer/husky mix.  She is sweet and still a puppy.  Yet another one that paired up with Pedro or Red would make a great skijor team!

I’m hoping we get some snow soon. I would love to take the 4 sprint dogs out for a skijor.  Pedro, Red, Ray and JoJo.  2 boys and 2 girls. What teams they would make!


JoJo is just a puppy.  She is probably not 2 years old.  She is shy and reserved but once she warms up she just wants to give kisses!  I bet she would make a great skijor dog.  Maybe paired up with either Red or Pedro.  She is sleek and lean and would love an active household where she could run, hike or skijor then curl up at your feet in a warm house.

Red and Pedro

Not the best pictures!  I’ll go back and get better ones soon.

Red and Pedro are top of the line sprint dogs.  They are both 5 years old.  They were brought in because their musher did not have time for them.  They are both wonderfully friendly dogs with a lot of personality.  They aren’t hyper or high strung, but being pointer/husky mixes they will need a lot of exercise to be happy dogs.  Red is said to be a leader.  Hopefully we will get some snow.  I would LOVE to get these 2 boys out skijoring.  I bet they would make a wonderful 2 dog team, fast and sleek, yet would want to be laying at your feet in a warm house after a day on the snow. They both had some teeth problems which were fixed and pulled.  Such nice dogs.


I had a hard time getting a good picture of Kiba.  He is a VERY active puppy.  Not even a year old, but he has had a hard start to life.  He was in  a pet home and probably not given enough exercise.  He had spats over food with the other dog in the house and wanted to go after the cats.  He wanted to chase the goats and seemed like he was always getting in trouble.  This tall, lanky sprint husky needs a JOB!!!  He is sweet with people.  Loves everyone.  As you can see from the one picture he was in a kennel next to a big male dog and he paid him no attention.  His write up at the shelter makes him look pretty bad, but this is a young dog that would thrive on hard work.  He would love to run and run.

Jackie (once known as Blackie)

Update: October 14.  Jackie was adopted!  YEAH!

Jackie is a 5 year old husky mix.  She seems much older.  She is overweight and quiet.  She would love a home where she can be at your feet, but not in the midst of any chaos.  She has been at the shelter for a very long time.  She would love a quiet home and to go for long walks (help her lose weight!) in the woods.  She is a dear of a dog.


Update: October 14.  Miles was adopted!  So happy.

Miles came in with Zeus.  Miles is also around 8 years old and probably shouldn’t run as a sled dog any longer.  He has a bit of back degeneration, although it doesn’t seem to stop him or make him uncomfortable.  This is a sweet boy who would transition to a home quickly.  He loves to be around people and would make a great companion.  He isn’t high strung and I can see him laying quietly at your feet!  He still would love to go for long walks, but will probably be happy with a fenced back yard.  I’m not sure what happened to his ear.  He is a bit of a resource guarder so should meet other dogs before going to a new home.  He really likes Jackie at the shelter.



Update: October 19. Zeus is now in foster care through The Second Chance League.  It is a fabulous place with a couple that may adopt him.  He is a love!

Zeus and Miles (other post) came from an unfortunate situation of being given away to a military couple who promptly left town and dumped them at the shelter.  How terrible for these 2 fine boys.

Zeus would make a great companion and pet.  He has run in a team but he would like to be recreational as he is 8 years old and would love to transition to retirement.  BUT…he has a ton of energy and I bet would be a great skijor dog or in a smaller team where he would shine.  This boy loves running free around the shelter’s big yard.  He has so much fun.  He comes when you call him and is just a love.  Being older, he is often passed over when people are looking for dogs. But this boy has a ton of life left in him and he wants to share it with you!!



Noland sounds like a great dog for a person looking for a dog that will probably single skijor and be your great companion.  Please contact the foster person in the flyer.

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