Timo (courtesy post)

UPDATE!  Timo and Geega have found a home together!  YEAH

TIMO needs a forever home


Timo is a GREAT dog.  Has had a couple of years of great socialization and running.  This boy is wonderful.  Can free run, skijor, mush, run with you.  A very athletic dog that needs a home where he will thrive.

Lucy (courtesy post)

Lucy is 4 and spayed. We call her Gladys Kravitz (nosy neighbor lady from Bewitched) because she is always “telling on “ the other dogs or if someone is coming down the trail behind the property. She doesn’t bark a lot but woooo wooooo’s and always wants the attention on HER. She is extremely fast and the most athletic of all the dogs and that’s saying a lot. She lived inside all winter and is crate trained/house trained. She gets along better with male dogs. She cannot live in a house with small animals. But is great with older kids and would be fantastic for canicross and any kind of “joring”.

Contact [email protected]



Update June 9: Roo is back.  sigh…..Not sure really why.  She is inside at the shelter.  She has a part of her back shaved as she has a hot spot (she is pretty thick coated!) and is on antibiotics.  I hope someone finds a way to bring this little girl into their heart.

Update: May 30.  Roo was adopted!  I sure hope she is happy in her new home.  YEAH!

Roo Roo Roo.  I am in love with this older girl.  She is 10 and just adorable!!!  I sure hope she finds a great retirement home.  She came in with Raider and Diamond.  She is just the sweetest girl. She gives tiny little gentle kisses.  She has a very short nose that makes her that much cuter!  A great personality and all around nice dog.


Beautiful Willa.  She is 4 years old and comes from great distance bloodlines.  She is a sweetheart that is shy and loves her belly rubbed.  You can see from her picture she is the typical Alaska sled dog.

Willa would love a home where she can be part of the family once she gets to know you and would love to skijor or go out on sledding adventures with you.  She came in with Geronimo and Loretta.


Raider is a 10 year old SUPER friendly boy that has a lot of life left in him.  He was relinquished after his owner needed to move into town.  He would make a great friendly companion that would still love to skijor or go on a good hike.  Raider came in with Roo and Diamond.


Geronimo is a 2 year old trained up sled dog.  He came from excellent distance bloodlines.  He has a ton of potential.  A very friendly guy that loves everybody.  He is a tad shy at first but comes quickly to want attention.  He came in with Loretta and Willa.


Bjork is a sibling to Tilda.  She comes from sprint lines.  She is one year old and unknown if she has ever been in harness.  This girl will come around quickly with patience and love.  She isn’t as fearful as Tilda and is very approachable.  She would love a pet home where she could go skijoring and running and become your best friend.  Tilda is very comfortable around Bjork.  Wouldn’t you like a fast 2 dog skijor team?

Courtesy Post. Great retired sled dogs!

UPDATE:  June 1: Diego and Hercules got adopted.  Loco is in a foster home.  Still looking for homes for Ruby and Monkey.

These dogs are well socialized and love people!  They are looking for great homes.  Although they are a bit older, they are very healthy.  All are spayed or neutered.

Here is what the owner says about them.  (Loco is white dog in 2 of the pictures.).  Diego is in the picture on the dog bed with Loco.  Ruby is laying outside in the sun.  Monkey is the brown dog, inside picture.

Please contact [email protected]  if you are interested.


Male | Neutered | 11 years old

Diego is a stoic and mellow old boy who loves hanging on the couch and is also good in a pen or on a swivel. He likes walks and hikes. He is usually good of leash, but has upon occasion wandered off. He gets along well with other dogs. Though not sure about cats. He likes affection but is not necessarily a cuddler.

He has no interest in being a sled dog any more. So if you are looking for a dog to skijor or bikejor with, he wouldn’t be a good fit. But he likes hiking, car rides and couch time. He is a great companion dog.


Female | Spayed | 11 years old

Loco has a funny personality and likes to be pampered. She is great indoors and outdoors. She likes hiking but needs to be on a leash. She can wander off and has very poor sense of direction. She is great with kids and other dogs. We use to take her to all our school presentations. She really knows how to work a crowd. She likes affection but isn’t much of a cuddler.

She would make a good running and hiking buddy. She definitely needs her outdoor time so a pen for her during the day and a couch at night is her perfect life.

Monkey & Ruby

Male, Female | Neutered, Spayed | 10 years old | Siblings

These two dogs are brother and sister and have been together their whole lives. So we plan to adopt them out together. Both are good lead dogs and are still up for being sled dogs. Monkey is good for 10-12 mile runs. Ruby is slowing down and prefers 5-6 mile runs.

They are good off leash and make great hiking buddies. They love car rides too.

They are great indoors and outdoors. Very friendly and good with kids. No cats or small dogs (Monkey will chase them).


Beckett (courtesy post)

The info: Beckett is a 4 year old intact male, born 10/2/2015. He weighs about 43 lbs. He has a short coat and a cute pink nose. He does best in a team position. He had a full blood workup done about a year ago; everything checked out normal. Beckett is up to date on all his vaccines.
The good: Beckett is a very sweet boy who LOVES people. Loves, loves, loves. He also skijors well. I’ve run him next to another dog and solo, and he does well at both. I really appreciate that Beckett will wait patiently for me to attach my skis when we are harnessed up as opposed to some dogs who are constantly yanking on the line and make it impossible for us to even get started. He is an enthusiastic puller, has lots of energy, a good appetite, and is eager to run. Beckett would do amazingly well as a hiking/skijor/low mileage mushing buddy for an active person.
The less good: On occasion, Beckett has gone after the dog next to him on the line if it is a male. He is intact currently, and I can have him neutered if desired. But this isn’t the reason we are looking to rehome him. Beckett doesn’t have the stamina or speed to keep up with the rest of our sled dogs. He would do best in a home that either lets him be a skijor/hiking dog or, if it is a mushing home, one that doesn’t go more than about 15 miles and no faster than about 7 mph. This has made it very difficult for us to take him on dog runs as we are generally going farther and faster than he can do.
Beckett is not house trained, but I think with patience and an experienced trainer, he could figure it out fast. He rides in the car well.
So if anyone is looking to try out a new dog with some of their newfound free time, I’d be happy to meet them (in a proper socially distant manner) and let them take Beckett for a home trial or even just a trial run at ADMA or wherever else they might want to meet. I am happy to answer any other questions via Facebook messenger, text, or email. Please share with anyone who might be looking for a sweet dog to add to their life, thank you!

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