Update Nov. 30.  The foster person has fallen deeply in love with Blanca and is going to adopt her.  A great home for this little girl.

Update: Nov. 24.  Never has a dog generated so much interest through SCL. She immediately loved all the dogs at the kennel where she went. Her foster says she plays gently and hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t like.  She comes into the house and actually cuddles on the foster lap!  But outside she is reserved with people, but making progress.  The foster took her out in a team and said she did great.  I loved the way she expressed it “she is small but mightly.”  We will keep her in her foster for awhile longer.

Update:Oct.30th Don and I picked up Blanca for The Second Chance League and transported her to her new foster home.

Here is the update the foster sent a few days later.

“She’s making beautiful progress! Came up to me this morning for love all jealous when I was huggin on another dog! Anytime I pet another dog she is there, ready for a little pet, I hope with a little more time it turns to big pets. When I put her in my lap while doing computer work or watching a movie she happily settles in and falls asleep there. Ate all her dinner and already seems to look better. She’s a snuggle muffin and plays beautifully and kindly especially with girl dogs. She LOVES to be around other dogs. In the yard she thrives, is outgoing with literally every dog she can put her paws on and inspires happy play.We went on a run today! I ran her single in wheel so she could find her way and she did spectacularly. Pulled hard, hard and only looked back once when the four wheeler made a turn that jangled loudly. She’s a sled dog for sure! Little, but mighty it seems. I’ll keep on and see what shes got!”


Blanca came from out of town.  She is 1 year old (born Oct 10, 2019).  She was brought to the shelter because she was the smallest in her litter and the people thought she would make a great pet.  At the shelter she is super traumatized and fearfully shy.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but she is flighty and super reserved.  But you can really see the potential in this girl.  She is gentle and just wants love. Her owners said she was totally outgoing with them and could free run and not run off.

Right now if someone took her and she got loose, she would not be able to be caught.  She is that shy.  But for someone that has a LOT of patience and a ton of love, this little girl should come around and be your best friend.  Her parents are both on the ex owners race team and she has been in harness a couple of times and did well.  This is a dog that will strongly bond with the right person and be a stellar pet and  probably a good skijor dog.

Let me know if you are interested in her but because of her super shyness at the moment, she is not on the PetHarbor web site for Fairbanks.

Tallulah (Special)

Update: Nov, 23: Tallulah has been adopted.  She made huge leaps of faith and trust at her foster home. They love her so much they were going to keep her…but then one of those perfect homes comes along and Talullah will be going her new home soon.

Update: Nov. 1:  Tallulah is making huge strides at her new home but it will take her a much longer time to really trust people.  She is doing great with her foster family.  They keep her in the house a lot (she is way to skinny to spend a lot of time outdoors right now).  She has started to play with one of the inside house dogs which makes me smile. She ignored our dogs when we had her for a week. She loves to sit close to her fosters and gets pets. She actually initiates this so that is a great sign.  She did have a bit of set back when she went for a walk at Creamer’s and met another person on the trail and totally “lost it.”  So it will take time for her to realize that people are nice and kind and not going to hurt her. When she first got to her new family it was so cool to see her light up when she saw other sled dogs.What a change! So she will take her time, but I know she will come around and be a happy dog.

Meet Tallulah!  Our newest Second Chance League dog.  She came from afar to the Fairbanks animal shelter.  Skin and bones and shy and flighty, this year and a half old husky has seen some rough days.

But she is going to be great!  She is super shy but as you can see she is already roaming our house and meeting our dogs.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.  She is a sprinty girl, long and lean and will take a lot of love and patience to bring her out of her shell.  She is the quietest foster dog we have ever had here!  She got spayed on Tuesday (it is Saturday) so she has spent the nights in a large crate.  Luckily we can have her inside because with the cold temps (0 the other morning!) she can’t afford to use her calories to keep warm.

She loves pets under the chin and on her chest between her front legs.  She is getting used to (and enjoying) pets down her back.

In a few days she will be meeting her new foster family of a couple and a small team.  She will get to sleep in the house and have great interactions.

We have high hopes for this shy girl.

Thanks to the Fairbanks Animal Shelter for taking good care of this girl for her first few days in town.