Chance arrived at the shelter late in October, 2005.  She was brought in with 7 other dogs.  All of the dogs were in good shape and friendly.  The next day a volunteer noticed that Chance seemed to be “hiding” something in her dog house.  She wouldn’t come out so Leslie stuck her hand in there and low and behold there was a puppy in there!  Chance birthed a single puppy the day she came into the shelter.  It was getting quite cold so the shelter asked for a volunteer to take Chance and the puppy to care for them.  Up went my hand and Chance came home with her new baby about a week later.

Here is Siren at 6 weeks of age.  She was a big puppy.  Much bigger than Snickers (from Chiclet) and this little girl was a mischievous puppy that loved to play and got into everything!

It was hard for us to let Siren go to her new home.  We loved all of the puppies but realized that we could find her a better home than being in a larger dog yard with lots of dogs.  She found a wonderful home with a couple that had several other dogs and Siren continues to skijor, sleep on the bed and have the run of the house and the yard with her dog friends.

We did keep Chance and adopted her through the Second Chance League. She is the driving force (as you can see from her “flying” picture) on Don’s skijor team.  She is a wonderful dog with good social skills and a dog that we can let loose to run and she always comes to us.