It is really hard for me to foster dogs.  I get attached very quickly and then don’t want to part with them.  They quickly become a part of our household and the yard, yet I know that they will have a good life where they are going.  We recently had 4 foster dogs here at once.  That is a record for me.

Bandit. (mostly all black)  He was at the shelter for 44 days.  It IS truly amazing that our shelter keeps dogs for that long.  But we had run Bandit and he ran quite well.  No one looked at him and he actually ended up on the euthanize list but was taken off when John and Zoya said they might be interested.  So we finally got to pull him into SCL, he got neutered on a Friday morning and they picked him up in the afternoon and took him home.  He is a strong and driven sled dog but has a sweetness to him that grabbed at my heart.  He loved my other dogs and I bet would have fit in here quite well….but it is best for him and for us that he is now in his new home

Dozer!  He is a 9 year old sled dog that was turned in because the owner is ill.  He is very chunky but has a love of life and people that is unsurpassed.  Dozer loves people and other dogs.  We only had him here for a few days but he would have been happy staying here forever.  But that is Dozer.  He will settle in and love his forever home and all his play mates.  He has ended up in Soldotna with Cue and I am sure will be the love of his new owners life as he was becoming with us.  He was a great truck dog and sat on the passenger seat or just layed down for the ride.  We are so happy that SCL was able to rescue Dozer and send him to his new home.  As a 9 year old we didn’t know if he would find a home.  She won’t regret adopting this one.

Buzz.  Oh my…what can I say?  We love this puppy.  He might be a year old.  He is a 50 pound full of energy and mischieve pup that was found out in Fox and no one claimed him.  He loved to play with Izzi running free and when we put him at a house in a yard with 3 loose females (Kiche, Chiclet and Lichen) he was in heaven.  He is a noisy boy but his favorite part of staying here for over a week was that he slept in the warm dog barn.  After his neuter on our kitchen counter we found that he did not like to be confined in a crate.  So we just gave him free roam of the heated dog barn.  All the time he was here he never chewed or got into anything.  Inside he was calm and mellow…outside he is wild and crazy.  Both Don and I grew very fond of Buzz and hated to see him go.  But he will be harnessed and I bet he will love to run and get some of his energy out of him in Paxson.

Cue.  He is a 2 year old dog that had been at the shelter for several weeks.  He arrived with his 2 siblings.  Molly was so shy she never came out of her house.  Wes was pulled into SCL and is in foster care.  Cue is a great dog with some nutritional problems.  We figure it might be a food allergy.  At the shelter he actually gained quite a bit of weight and his feet that were once pink and sore looking healed up and were looking great.  He is a driven boy that loves to run.  We only had him here for a few days along with Dozer but grew to love him a lot.  He is on the shy side but would warm up quickly.  He was in the yard with 3 loose females (we would switch him and Buzz in and out) and Cue just didn’t know what to think about loose dogs running around.  He has probably been on a chain most of his life.  Well, he is at his new home now in a yard that is mostly a free run yard.  We are happy for Cue and miss him.