It has been several days since Onyx has been on her new diet.  For the first time in the middle of the night she had a stool that was partially formed!  YEAH.  Her diet at the moment consists of this:

1) before each meal I mix 1 capsule (opened and sprinkled) of Slippery Elm in 1/4 cup weak broth.  She gets that about 15 minutes before she eats

2) chicken and rice are the staples right now.  She gets 1/8 teaspoon of Acacia fiber, 1/4 of a Pet Tab (dog vitamin) 1/8 teaspoon of bone meal and sometimes a sprinkling of enzyme powder.  She gets this 3 times a day.

3) twice a day she gets 0.4 mg of Thyroxine

4) once a day she is getting a tablet of Ultimate Flora.  The vet suggested yogurt but I am really afraid to give her anything with milk products

5) once a day she is getting Golden Seal

6) once a week she gets a Cobalamin shot

Yesterday I gave her 500 ml of IV fluids.

The only little set back was this morning after I fed she had some diarrhea but it had some pieces of paper in it!  Not sure where that came from but I did find a shredded envelope on the floor that another dog had torn up and I think Onyx may have ingested some of that.  Her system is just so sensitive right now that I think little things are going to affect her.

I weighed her this morning and she is still 36 pounds. 

The vet wanted to put her back on metronidazole.  She said that some dogs are on it for their whole life….but I just can’t help but think that after 4 weeks of this without any relief and Onyx only getting worse that it just wasn’t helping…….

So, that is it for the moment.  It is still touch and go with her though.  She is painfully thin and emaciated looking.  Her energy levels are quite high so that is a good sign I think.

I will continue to tweek her diet and will try some oat bran soon that a friend swears cured her dog of this same kind of malady….but baby steps at a time.  I certainly don’t want her to get worse again.