A few changes in the last couple of days….when I first started this I really didn’t want to use rice but felt that she needed some sort of “filler” to her lonely chicken.  But I have cut that out now.  I am putting 1/4 cup of soaked oat bran in with her mid day chicken meal.  A friend said she had a dog with the exact symptoms and this really helped clear him up…..so worth a try.  It seems to be working.  She is having more and more formed stools and not frantic to run out the door to go to the bathroom.  I am also adding a sprinkling of bone meal to her meals.  Her diet is no way “balanced” but I am just working on getting her healthy and able to gain weight.

I still add to one meal through the day :acacia fiber, pet enzymes, grapeseed extract and golden seal. She is also getting 1/2 pet tab vitamin each day.  She continues to get her 0.4 mg of thyroxine twice a day.

I have been weighing her every few days.  After continually loosing weight for weeks she stablized at 36 pounds.  This morning she was 36.6.  YEAH!  I just want to continue to see that increase continue over the weeks.  I am adding a bit more chicken every day and will try adding just a small amount of fat (I have been taking all the skin off the chicken).  She is still on 3 meals a day.

Today is her cobalamin shot (once a week) and that will continue long term until her system is normal (if it ever can become that!).