ARGHHHH.  Learning every day and sometimes the lessons are extremely hard.  Onyx had been doing well the last couple of days.  Some formed stool, good energy and hopefully on the path to weight gain.

But tonight I grabbed a bag of soy crumbles out of the freezer.  I thought it was not opened but it was and the end was totally open so there went soy crumbles all across the kitchen floor.  And of course, Onyx was right there gobbling up quick as can be.  I grabbed her and got her out of the kitchen as I am frantically cleaning them up.  She got a good mouthful and I hoped for the best.  Well, my hopes were dashed when a couple of hours later she BAM….SPLAT…SPEW…..stinky liquid diarrhea across the concrete floor downstairs.  ugh.

So my questions now are 1) is this a coincidence or is she allergic to soy (or wheat or corn oil or something else in the soy crumbles)?  2) Is this cyclic and she really has a bacteria, parasite or coodies?  3) is she going to do this all night like she did the last time it was this severe?

sigh.  I guess I wait and see.  She just slammed against the door and I ran to let her out and WHOOSH…..out more came.  (at least she made it outside this time)

I thought I was on the right path, and still may be, but very disconcerting to have this kind of a set back.  Her body just can’t handle this kind of sickness.

I’ll put more IV fluids into her tonight and see what happens.