She weighs 37.2 pounds this morning.  Up from the low of 36.   I have now established a set routine and may make small changes as we go along and I definitely will have to start feeding a more balanced diet….She is getting the Viokase-V with every meal.  3 meals a day 3/4 teaspoon Viokase. You have to mix the powder with room temperature food and let it sit for 20 minutes.  I also add 1 GI Cell Support in her morning and night meals.  2 days in a row now she has had solid feces.  I’m inclined to take a picture because WOW…this is great news for her.  I also have the Digestin that I am not giving her at the moment…I think it does a lot of what the Viokase does and may be more inexpensive in the long run, but for now since everything seems to be working quite well I am not adding it.