Sigh….after a couple of good days on the Viokase, Onyx went back to some bad blowouts.  So I stopped the Viokase and back on the GI Cell Support and Digestin in each meal.  She is still get a half of a pet tab a day and bone meal with her cooked chicken.  She seems pretty stable.  Still have one very loose stool a day.  She got up to 38 pounds but I weighed her yesterday and she was 37.6 pounds.  I want to keep her on the upwards weight gain of course so it was disconcerting to see her drop some ounces!  But her overall attitude and need to go outside is great.  She used to need to go out quite a few times through the night.  But now she seems to have her one stool a day and even though it is not the best, it is better than her having diarrhea throughout the day.  So I continue to tweak her meals and see what happens.