You can read about Misty on my web site under “successes.”  It took her quite awhile to trust anyone and over the last several years this little girl has just blossomed into one of the sweetest dogs that we have.  Lately I have been loose dropping her at the truck after a run and taking walks with her and a couple of other dogs near the truck.  So today we decided to see how she would do on a loose walk from our house.  We took her with Ivy and Mardy who are great about coming when we call them and never run off out on our many walks.  Misty did great.  She will become one of our free running dogs.  You could tell she was so excited about a new environment.  Although she runs consistently in our skijor teams it has taken awhile to be able to totally trust her off leash.  She has proven herself to be able to take on long hikes.  We were probably gone for an hour today on the trails around our area.  We ran into a neighbor on the trail with his BIG wolfhound mix.  Misty was apprehensive with the new dog and with a strange person but she skirted around them nicely and we kept on our merry way.  It is always nice to introduce dogs to long walks in the woods.  The nomadic instinct of the dog pairs up nicely with our long hikes.  We are looking forward to summer and many walks and runs with our dogs.