I am wracking my brain…..what can I do for work that involves dogs?  Training? Boarding kennel? Baked treats?  I have been a waitress at the same place for almost 7 years.  I love working nights so that I can have all of my day time devoted to the dogs.  Skijoring in the winter time and hiking/biking/running with dogs in the summer time.  BUT…..I really would like to quit and find something different to do.  I’m not good at sitting on my duff all day in front of a computer.  I need to have an active job that keeps me moving although I am good at routine stuff like computer data entry.  Don keeps throwing out ideas and I keep cutting them down.  I have been out of the “normal” work force for such a long time that I know I don’t want to go back to an 8 to 5 job.  But what to do????  That is my dilemma at the moment.  I am a firm believer that once one door closes another opens.  Maybe I just need to quit my current job and let fate take its course as another job or possibility for working for myself materializes.  But that is always a scary proposition as I still have to feed the dogs every day!!

I have never been out of work.  Never, in my life.  Something always seems to drop into my lap just when I need it.  I’m used to working hard and used to working long hours.  I’ve done a lot of things from my “career” job of a chemist, to substitute school teaching, baking, waitressing, cooking, bed and breakfast owner, maid, bartender, secretary……should I go on??  I have a ton of skills.  Just need to formulate all I can do into that fabulous job preferably working with animals that doesn’t take me away from the house for 10 hours at a stretch.  Picky?  I guess.  At my age I am glad that I can have choices and that I am quite happy doing a variety of different things.

I know it will all come together for me.  It always does.  I’ve never gone hungry, nor have my dogs.  I just need to get the confidence and nerve to make another plunge into something different.