Well….after months (years) of going around and around with Onyx and her diet, she had exploratory surgery today.  In the past we kind of managed to keep her at 40 pounds by changing her diet frequently.  Seemed that she would do well on one food but after a week start having blowouts again.  We would change the food and it would happen again.  We tried dog food of various kinds and cooked chicken.  We had her on many different drugs (metronidizole, prednisone) none of which worked and only made it worse.  She took Digestin and GI Cell Support for months which really helped another one of our sensitive dogs, but they didn’t work for her.  Her weight has been dropping and her protein levels in her body are low.  So she is basically starving to death even while eating 4 times a day.

So she got 7 samples taken from her intestines, stomach and liver.  The results should be in early next week and we can maybe find out what is really going on with this girls body.