Well, we are into the chemical soup now.  She had a very bad night last night.  A lot of diarrhea.  I think she went outside 5 times through the night.  Food just goes straight through her.

So I called the vet and she called in 2 more drugs that I picked up tonight at Fred Meyer’s.  Metronidazole is one of them.  This is commonly used for diarrhea if something like giardia is suspected.  But Onyx has been tested for that and doesn’t have it but often it can flare up with repeated diarrhea episodes.

I also was given a drug that is often used in people to lower cholesterol.   But it is also supposed to stop diarrhea.  It is called cholestyramine.  It comes in packets of orange flavored powder you mix with water.  yum.  sounds delicious…..for a dog??…..So when I got home from work tonight I sprinkled some on her food.  With her weight only being 33 pounds (she has gained a pound back in the last week amazingly enough) I doubt she is supposed to get the whole packet.  So I will be curious to see if it does work.  I think if we can just get this horrid diarrhea stopped then maybe she can absorb some nutrients.

Never in my life did I think I would have a dog on this many drugs.   I myself wouldn’t take this kind of chemical soup but when it seems to be the last resort, well, I guess I’m willing to try almost anything for Onyx.