Well…isn’t this an improvement.  I am optimistic at the moment.  People reading this will probably think that I am very strange….but the other night I was laying on the couch in a real funk, looking at my emaciated dog, tears coming to my eyes thinking of her death….So, then I asked Yanert (that is another lonnnggg blog post that since his death at 3.5 years old last November I haven’t been barely able to even talk about him) to send me some advice about Onyx.  Well, this “thing” just popped into my mind and I decided to try it.  I’m not going to say what it is at the moment for I know that Onyx sometimes has a little “bloop” where she can be OK for a day and I think I have got the problem licked…..but after 2 days of this new regime she is not splatting, her stools actually have “turd forms” to them and she isn’t going out through the night.  She seems very chipper.

This might seem “new age”, spiritual or just plain crazy to some, but I do believe that if you leave yourself open to the thoughts and feelings of the universe, often you will hear and see things that you normally would pass over.

She may relapse and start splatting again and then this post WILL be crazy….but for the moment I have hope again.