OK…..there it is.  When I was “talking” to Yanert, “apple cider vinegar” popped into my head.  OK…..I’m a strong believer that this vinegar mixed with honey and gargled and sipped will kill off any start of a cold.  It has been my mother’s home recipe for decades.  So when that came to me I thought “why not?”  So I started adding 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (organic and not highly processed) to each of her meals.  So far this seems to be doing something for the good.  She doesn’t go out 10 times through the night, her stools are formed although not very solid (but beats the huge splatting that she has been doing for months) and they are few and far between.

I cut out the I/D dog food 2 weeks ago (huge yellow splats of corn was just getting to me).  I have been having her on a Royal Canin canned perscription food plus lean cooked hamburger.  In fact, I buy the leanest burger I can find (7% fat), boil it up in 3 cups of water and then drain off that water so even more fat is out of the burger.  She was still having splats on that too…..wasn’t until I started adding the vinegar that she seems to be able to digest some food now and I am hopeful.  And at least with some digesting she may be getting the drugs into her system instead of having them shoot right through her too.  She is still on budesinode and azathioprine, once a day.  I have cut them back a little as she has been on really high doses.

So, crazy as it might sound I think her system is reacting in a positive way.  I have hope again.